Features Japanese dishes
  Japanese food is quite simple, as strange as it may sound. In the kitchen use a small range of products, and methods of cooking do not cause problems. But…

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Thai kitchen
This exotic Thai cuisine Asian cuisine has long been not uncommon, especially for residents of large cities. Enjoy the amazing Oriental dishes all without exception. Features cuisine of Thailand Especially…

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Eggplant salad

Eggplant salad for the winter – quick and tasty recipe

In the season of eggplant, and even if it was a success, we fry, and stew, prepare a variety of snacks from them. And, you can prepare amazingly delicious and tasty eggplant salad for the winter.

And now, especially in the summer when the cool weather, I recommend you to try delicious salad with smoked chicken .

In order to prepare for the winter a very delicious salad of eggplant and tomatoes we will need the following ingredients:

— eggplant – one kilogram;

— sweet red pepper – seven-ten pieces;

— sugar- two hundred grams;

— vegetable oil – two hundred grams;

— vinegar, a hundred and fifty grams;

— iodized salt – one tablespoon;

— garlic – ten cloves.

Salad recipe of eggplant for the winter:

Let’s start with the eggplants, we wash them, be sure to wipe dry, then cut off the stalk of each, and everything else, cut circles, put in a bowl and peresyplem salt. Let the eggplant stand in a cool place for forty-sixty minutes, we need to let the juice, and along with him the fruit came out and unpleasant bitterness.

While the eggplant is brewed, we will prepare the sauce for our salad. To do this, ripe tomatoes, wash, cut into several parts, Continue reading

Salads birthday

Salads birthday recipes birthday

Covering the table for my birthday, involuntarily start to think, what salads to surprise your guests. Of course, every housewife has a huge amount of their special salad recipes. intended for the holiday table. But often I want to make something original and delicious that all the guests gasped with delight, and then praise your culinary masterpiece. It is important to remember that salads birthday must have not only great taste but also beautiful to look. This is why we need to conventional recipes to add their unique flavour. For example, to add to an ordinary salad “Olivier” salad with crab sticks and decorate this salad something special. Here you will find the application flight to your imagination, because you need to accept that stuff can be any product, from chicken to cucumber and even the most common and mundane salad can be served in a cabbage leaf, slice of bread or a basket made from an orange. Be sure that these options will certainly be bezvyigryshnaya and will definitely surprise and delight your guests.

The salads Birthday is a special food, which is given great importance, as they begin any meal. Directly from salads, according to the rules of etiquette, you must open the Banquet, and thus, the salads that You will be for him to cook, should be possible Continue reading

The most delicious dishes of the world!

The most delicious dishes of the world, or a gastronomic journey around the Earth

The food is very tasty, the DOE tastes differ. When you start to rank the most delicious dishes of the world, foodies are lost in doubt who to give the first position in the top 1000 as of worthy candidates to choose just ten favorites. So what’s the most delicious dish of the world?

The most delicious dish in the world: peculiarities of the national cuisine

“Tell me what your nationality and I’ll tell you what your gastronomic cravings”. Each ethnic group has its own special recipes, the ingredients which determine the environmental conditions represented in the region, its religious customs. Norway is famous for pickled herring, which you will never find on the table of the Croat. If the Indians offer a succulent veal steak, it would be an insult. European tourists will not appreciate the delicacy of fried grasshoppers, kindly offered Thai.

Some people believe that food cannot travel. Therefore, in order to experience the fullness of the recipe, I need to try the dish in its country of origin.

But if the dish doesn’t come to us, we go to the dish! So do restaurants, choose your menu a specific cuisine, inviting chef professional who knows her ropes and is ready to offer the most delicious dishes.

Restaurateurs, defining Continue reading

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