Recipes for meat dishes with vegetables
Recipes for meat dishes In addition to purely meat dishes on this page are recipes of meat dishes combined with vegetables and even fruit. As mentioned on the previous page.…

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Belarusian cuisine
Cuisine Of Belarus Belarusian appetizer Belarusian national cuisine has evolved over centuries. Belarusian culinary traditions is a mix of simple recipes and refined dishes of the nobility, an extensive use…

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A simple salad with mayonnaise cabbage eggs and onions


Now I will tell you about very delicious and ridiculously simple salad recipe . Some people believe that salads are of two types. The first salads . festive, complex and lengthy to prepare, componentace, nutritious and terribly unhealthy, albeit delicious. Second salads . simple, fresh vegetables . diet is terribly useful, but not always tasty (shorter for vegans and those who are on a diet ). But, there is a third, and salads. Tasty, quick, cheap for the composition of salads. And I’ll prove to you that there are any! Offer the recipe!

So, for our recipe is simple and delicious salad we need the following components:

— Small head of cabbage.

— Two to three chicken eggs.

— One medium onion.

— Mayonnaise (no fat, high 67%, preferably 30%).

— Sol.

Take a deep plate or bowl. And three on a large grater cabbage there . The eye… About a quarter of a fork, if the size is about 15cm in diameter. Paramnum a little cabbage with your hands, to let some juice. Then our salad will be even juicier and tastier.

Peel and slice the onions fairly finely into cubes. First cut the onion in half on the Board. Then cut half into thin strip in the thickness about 3-4mm (again roughly, do not need to measure the caliper…). And also cut up and down. Get small cubes – what you need.

Chicken eggs cook for hard-boiled (at least 10 min). Peel the eggs and cut.

Throw the chopped eggs and onion in a bowl with a shabby cabbage, sprinkle with salt and mix thoroughly with a fork. Then, add a little mayonnaise. Not to overdo it, extra Mayo to anything. It is necessary that the salad was evenly smeared with mayonnaise and juicy enough – and no more. After making this salad a couple of times, you will stuff a hand and immediately, on eyes, and salt to your liking and with a number of components to guess more accurately.

So, you can put the salad for 10-15 minutes in the fridge to become denser and better soaked. To use this simple cabbage salad I recommend with fresh pita bread.

As you can see, no supernatural or expensive components. All quickly done. And the salad is extremely good to taste. Given the fact that fresh, raw vegetables should constantly add to your diet – I recommend a simple salad . as one of the regular dishes for those who have not gained enlightenment, to eat raw salads, dressed with vegetable oil or lemon juice… and for those who are tired of complex, heavy and not the healthiest of salads, a La Olivier… ie for ordinary people, not the gluttons, not the fanatics of a healthy lifestyle. The Golden mean – perfect simple salad