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Classic Caesar salad Caesar salad is considered the American salad. And in General has no relation to the Roman Emperor Julius Caesar. Its name he received in honor of the…

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Simple salads
Ripe tomatoes wash. Every tomato is cut, not sharing, halves, slice liberally sprinkle with salt. Of garlic, cilantro, dill, parsley to cook the mince (finely chop). Overheat in vegetable oil…

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The most expensive dishes of the world


Each person has their own dreams and desires. Someone wants to visit the excavations of ancient pyramids, someone more interesting to get a gold Olympus, and for someone there is nothing more interesting than to try rare and the most expensive dishes in the world. They are not afraid of sky-high prices, not afraid of unknown names, and even not-so-important taste the wonders, the main thing is the fact that they tried something that is inaccessible to the majority of inhabitants of our planet.

One of the most mysterious delicacies is considered to be a Puffer fish. In Japan, this terrible fish takes the first place among the poisonous fish, her nerve poison capable of killing an elephant, and only the most desperate brave men dare to try. Hardly anybody knows how to prepare and cost up to $ 500 per 100 grams.

In this case, if the cook will cook it wrong and the food will poison visitor, samurai laws, he must commit ritual suicide over the body of the hapless experimenter. For such events as banquets real Yakuza used less dangerous, and not that expensive meat cows rare breed Wagyu, which costs about 400 euros a kilogram, as data cows to be bathed in sake, make it the relaxing massages and fed selected grain.

The most high-value by-product of the animal world is diamond caviar of Beluga-albino, which costs about 2 000 euros for 100 grams. The matter is that such eggs fish spawn about once in a hundred years. Fortunate that at least once in your life try its taste, all argue that there is nothing in the world better than her.

Of course for such activities as the Banquet. even the most luxurious and expensive that luxury is not suitable, because in order for her to at least try, need to register in advance to order. Today, all caviar existing in the world Packed in jars of gold and the gold is already four years sold out.

Besides animals there are also delicacies of the vegetable cost. The world’s most expensive potatoes are grown on algae and costs approximately $ 700 per kilogram. Continuing the marine theme, not to mention rare worth 30 Euro, the pound, salt of the seas “Ambito But Mosio”. The production is incredibly complex, and the technology of evaporation is extremely sensitive, but its very useful properties for the human body is simply priceless.


Well, the classics of natural specialties is the truffle from the North of Italy. This amazing mushroom can be purchased only at the auction, the price reaches 5,000 USD per kilogram.

The rare dish on the planet soup from swallow’s nests, which are only a few Chinese chefs. Prices for this delicacy are growing every year, and to date, the cost comes to $ 10,000 per serving.

Most of dorogoye dumplings

And in the Bronx sells the most expensive dumplings in the world, which cost $ 2,400 8 pieces and 4 000 for 16, eat them only Russian “gold” immigrants. These dumplings blue-green color, and they include pork, beef, elk meat and deep sea fish — torch, because of which the dumplings turn out and such a strange color.

The list of the most expensive dishes you can continue for a very long time. Still, you need to think carefully whether the game is worth the candle? After trying all the expensive, exotic and dangerous and you can burn yourself. If someone is poisoned, he will still make a chef ritual suicide or go to jail, and he may just get off with a fine. So, before everything, how much money was not worth the food, and as it was not fashionable to try something dangerous, well to cock the “pros” and “cons”.

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Nice to know that we live in a world of rapid advancements and technology. We are driven by the constant bustle, busy, work. The person needs a lot of strength…


Recipes for meat dishes with vegetables
Recipes for meat dishes In addition to purely meat dishes on this page are recipes of meat dishes combined with vegetables and even fruit. As mentioned on the previous page.…

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