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Classic Caesar salad Caesar salad is considered the American salad. And in General has no relation to the Roman Emperor Julius Caesar. Its name he received in honor of the…

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The most expensive dishes of the world
The most expensive dishes in the world - Interesting facts: Subscription and on the source material Channel World of Mystery: we Vkontakte! be interested join. ) Facebook Blogger: we're classmates! join…

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1. Pani Puri (India)

India is an amazing country, which combines many cultures. This variety it boasts of street food. But on the streets of Northern India are widely available and are most popular Pani Puri. Little fried bread balls with different fillings called Puri. To feel their divine taste, you need to soak these balls in sugar water (Pani), flavored with different spices. To try them, no need to go to India, just find the recipe online and just follow the instructions.

2. Hot dog (USA)

Once in the U.S., you will not be able to feel until the end the spirit of America without trying a hot dog from a street cart. Juicy sausage inside a hot soft bread cone with spicy pickles and melted cheese makes this dish simply unforgettable and so very nutritious!

3. Falafel (Israel)

Israeli falafel is a product that has millions of fans around the world thanks to its unforgettable taste. It is a small deep-fried balls of chickpeas with spices. It is served wrapped in pita with leaves of fresh crunchy lettuce, pickles, French fries and hot chili sauce.

4. Pretzel (Spain)

Spain is one of the rare countries that can boast as street food desserts. Very popular today the pretzel is long, thin doughnuts, covered with powdered sugar. As a rule, eat them, dipping in warm chocolate.

5. Tacos (Mexico)

This world famous dish is the epitome of Mexican cuisine. It consists of a corn or wheat tortilla is one of the dishes in haste, which put all sorts of toppings: seafood, chicken, beef, vegetables and beans. All seasoned top with cheese and pepperoni, folded in half and eaten with the fingers without the aid of instruments.

6. The Currywurst (Germany)

All people there is only one Association with Germany — beer and sausages. The most famous and delicious dish is the currywurst, which was invented during the war. In fact, it’s the same fast food: deep fried chopped sausage, served under ketchup and curry powder.

7. Crepes (France)

The French are known for their insanely delicious desserts that have gained popularity all over the world. And even popular street food is also dessert crepes. Sellers make pancakes almost every corner in all the major cities of this country, especially in the capital — Paris. When you want to savor this dessert — you will be stumped with what to try: Nutella, honey or cheese Gruyere and mushrooms. And these are only a few among all of the toppings that can be enjoyed. But you can make pancakes at home. And for the filling will go all you will find in your fridge.

8. Putin (Canada)

The national dish of Canadians, especially popular in Quebec. It is supplied mainly to caterers. The dish consists of French fries topped with sauce and fresh cheese curds.

Bon appetit!