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How to quickly prepare a tasty salad?

How to quickly prepare a tasty salad?

The situation when guests appear unexpectedly, faced almost everyone. Or just do not want to stand long at the stove cooking, and to spend more time on rest and other pressing problems. In such a situation there is a need to quickly and easily cook something tasty and satisfying. A good option is a simple salads. the more variety of recipes allows you to choose a salad for every taste. Only a few minutes elapsed time, and the salad is ready to serve. I propose to focus on two, in my opinion, very good recipe.

Vegetable salad fast cooking with cheese

Not is no secret that the classic salad with cucumbers, tomatoes and onions, seasoned to taste vegetable oil or sour cream is one of the fastest speed of cooking, while it is always tasty and relevant. You can cook it on any occasion and at any time. With this salad you can try to diversify, for example, cheese or seaweed.

Ingredients for salad:

three tomatoes;

two cucumber;

one small onion;

50-70 grams of hard or processed cheese;

50-70 seaweed;

greens, salt, butter or mayonnaise for refueling


Cucumbers after first removing the skin cut into cubes or rings, then chop the tomatoes slices similar in shape and size. Onion chopped, and sea cabbage, add a whole. Processed cheese is required also cut into small pieces and add on top. If you decide to use cheese, it is better to grind on a grater. Add the greens and stir well. As a dressing using vegetable oil or mayonnaise, depending on taste preferences. If desired, top the salad can be decorated with greenery, such as parsley leaves.

A simple salad of crab sticks with beans and ham

In a situation where you are pressed for time and need to cook something hearty. The ideal way out will be a salad of crab sticks with ham and beans.

Ingredients for salad:

100-200 grams of crab sticks;

Bank of canned beans;

Bank of canned corn;

Bank of mushrooms (pickled);

200 grams ham (can substitute cooked sausage);

100 grams of hard cheese;

one onion;

mayonnaise refills


Ham (or boiled sausage) and onion cut into cubes and fried in a skillet. The mushrooms are roasted separately. Crab sticks cut into small cubes, and cheese chop on a grater. All the ingredients pour into a common container, add corn and beans. To mix things up. Tuck in mayonnaise and, if desired, decorate with leaves of green. The salad is ready to serve.