Armenian cuisine
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Belarusian cuisine

Cuisine Of Belarus

Belarusian appetizer

Belarusian national cuisine has evolved over centuries. Belarusian culinary traditions is a mix of simple recipes and refined dishes of the nobility, an extensive use of local ingredients, unusual cooking methods.

Old Belarusian recipes have survived to the present day, and the interest in them among the guests of the country grows.

In restaurants with national color you will find not only people’s kitchen . but fine dining . which was served in the residences of the Belarusian magnates .

To try national cuisine and rural tourism estates . where to prepare dishes which are often common in only one area – use only fresh farm products.

Here they bake bread according to old recipes and technologies, prepare homemade meat delicacies . cheeses from cow’s or goat’s milk, and sweets made of honey, apples and cranberries.

In the home kitchen of Belarusians national dishes. Among the most beloved – and machanka Vereshchaka . homemade sausage, pancakes. sorcerers, dumplings, potato pancakes, cold beetroot soup from sorrel, mushroom soup…

Old Belarusian cuisine

Belarusian cuisine was formed under the influence of two main factors:

active farming and extensive use of local ingredients

the influence of the neighboring countries and migrant settlers

Since the times of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania in the national cuisine is closely intertwined Slavic, Baltic, Jewish . and partly German roots.

Therefore, the Belarusian cuisine is one of the most diverse on the continent. It is similar to Russian, Lithuanian, Ukrainian, Polish, Jewish, but in his own unique, hearty and delicious.

In the old gastronomic tradition were at each bar, so that in Belarusian cuisine there were whole areas . the peasant and petty bourgeois, gentry, and aristocratic cuisine.

In Belarusian cuisine widely uses local products :

vegetables and greens (cabbage, turnips, beets, carrots, turnips, parsnips, pumpkin, potatoes, cucumbers, onions and garlic, sorrel, nettles, quinoa, roots sorrel)

legumes (beans, peas, lentils, beans)

cereals (rye, barley, oats, buckwheat)

mushrooms (pickled, dried, powder)

fruits and berries (apples, pears, plums, cherries, currants, blackberries, blueberries, cranberries, raspberries, mountain ash, viburnum, rose)

spices and condiments (cumin, coriander, Flaxseed, horseradish, calamus, mustard, juniper, cherry and oak leaves)

Potatoes deserve a special mention: appeared in Belarus in the XVIII century, he enriched the national cuisine and became the basis of many Belarusian dishes .

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