The most expensive dish in the Minsk restaurant
The most expensive dish in the restaurant Minsk is $170, liquor at $4 thousand ERB looked for the most expensive dish in the capital's restaurants and learned how much money…

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Papaya salad with kiwi and shrimp
Papaya is very delicious and full of tropical fruit, which contains large amounts of protein and vitamins. Due to this, papaya is often used in the preparation of a variety…

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Recipes delicious appetizers and salads

Appetizers and salads

The word snack comes to us from the French language and means a meal served before the main courses either intended for a quick light snack. Snacks often go together with aperitifs, alcoholic drink designed to whet our appetite. And last, beautifully presented meals whets the appetite, but also decorate the holiday table, bring variety to our menu. Provide cold and hot snacks . Snacks are usually a variety of salads, vinaigrettes, jellied dishes, pates, jellies. Snacks can be fish, meat, vegetable, mixed. It can be boiled meat, various pickles, pickles, cheese and cold cuts, canned goods and more.

The art of cooking appetizers is to cold snacks were cooled to 8 or 10 degrees, and salads salted just before serving. In the cooking process is not recommended to mix warm and refrigerated products. Special attention should be paid to the process of decorating snacks. You can use unusual shapes and bright colors – curly sliced carrot, appetizing bright slices of tomatoes and cucumbers, cheese curls, bunches of parsley and dill, etc. All decorations must be placed so that they do not cover and do not cover the primary component of meals. Of course, this does not apply to the salads, where all mixed up and can not understand what is the main. In General, remember that welcome sense of proportion and beauty. The salad you can put a slide in a beautiful bowl, definitely clearing the edges of the food from the slices and filling. This can be done with a napkin.

Salad is a very popular dish. It attracts with its simplicity and speed (usually) cooking, plenty of options, variety of colors and flavors. Salad does not require heating. Washed. Have Astragal. Mixed. Conventional dressings are mayonnaise, vegetable oil, sour cream. It seems that this gourmet salad is not to lure. But the variety of salads can satisfy the most stringent demands. Because in addition to simple salads, there are many challenging, simple to exotic recipes.

The salad is called a dish of finely chopped vegetables, meat, fish, eggs, mushrooms, fruits cold. This definition emphasizes two features of this dish: chopped and cold. It is a modular dish, often made in haste. Therefore, in figurative sense “salad”, more often “vinaigrette”, call any hodgepodge, confusion, etc. It can be unconditionally attributed to our regular lives. But how can you call a chaotic mishmash of those salads that we used to see on the menu of good restaurants. Of course, no. Their recipes are carefully researched, presentation flawless, the flavors are balanced. It’s salads with a capital letter. Perhaps we will be able to offer you a couple of those. But mostly presented on our  recipes designed for home cooking.

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