A simple salad with mayonnaise cabbage eggs and onions
  Now I will tell you about very delicious and ridiculously simple salad recipe . Some people believe that salads are of two types. The first salads . festive, complex…

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The ideas are interesting meat dishes
Meat — new year's eve menu No holiday table is complete without meat dishes and recipes Christmas is always something special and magically delicious. These are the recipes I have…

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Recipes of meat dishes

Recipes of meat dishes

Minced meat

butter – 1/2 tsp.;

flour – 1/2 tsp.;

low-fat broth – 50 g;

onion, salt to taste.

Boil 50 grams of meat clean from the tapes, oil and mince. In a saucepan, melt butter 1/2 teaspoon (5 g), bring to the boil, simmered it is not a large slice of onion, then meat, sprinkle everything with flour (1/2 teaspoon), stir well, add a little low-fat broth, salt, cover and simmer in the oven. Ready, the stew should be wiped through a sieve and add 3 g of butter.

Note to parents: minced meat you can give the child a bun in the form of a sandwich, porridge, vegetable puree, or add to the broth.

Puree liver

80 g beef or calf’s liver well washed with hot water, remove the bone and remove the membranes. At the bottom of the pan to pour cold water and add the liver, simmer until soft on a low flame or on a steam bath in a pot of boiling water you need to put the pan with the liver. Ready mild liver skip through Mincer, then RUB through a sieve. The broth in which it was stewed liver need to filter through a cheesecloth and pour the pureed liver. Ready liver puree 1/2 teaspoon (3 grams) of butter and salt to taste.

Grated liver


liver(veal, beef) – 200 g;

creamy oil – 10 g;;

flour, onion,

salt to taste.

Soak 200 g of liver in cold, running water to remove blood. Remove the bone, remove the film, cut into small cubes, salt, lightly sprinkle with flour. Take a saucepan, put 10 g of butter, bake, fry the onions (10-15 g), then fry the liver, turning it quickly from one side to the other, so as not to overcook(because the liver is stannic solid). Cover the saucepan with a lid and put the stew in the oven for 5 minutes. Ready to cool the liver, 2 times to skip through a meat grinder and to wipe through a sieve.

Note to parents: grated liver can give your child the end of 1 year of life. This “liver meal” can be added to purees, porridges, soups.

You can, also, 10-15 g butter grind into “liver meal” and spread it on the bun of homemade pate. Besides it is very tasty and healthy! A sandwich with paté is recommended to give children over 2 years.

Chopped cutlet of chicken


bread, soaked in milk

salt to taste.

100 g chicken fillet to separate from the fat and films, 2 times skip through Mincer with a piece of stale bread, soaked in milk. Add 2 tablespoons cold milk, 1 teaspoon butter, season with salt. From the resulting mass to form small patties, fry in a pan in butter and put in the oven for 5-10 minutes.

Veal cutlets

the meat (veal) – 100 g;

100 g of beef separated from the fat and films, skip 2 times through a meat grinder, the second time with a piece of stale bread, soaked in milk. Add 2 tablespoons cold milk, 1 teaspoon butter, season with salt. From the resulting mass to form small patties. Cutlets are fried well in a pan in butter and put on 5-10 minutes in the oven.