Papaya salad with kiwi and shrimp
Papaya is very delicious and full of tropical fruit, which contains large amounts of protein and vitamins. Due to this, papaya is often used in the preparation of a variety…

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Christmas dishes from around the world
Classic European Christmas dinner is roasted meat and vegetables and sweet rolls for dessert. However, if you take a look at holiday eating Christians in different parts of the world,…

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Salads – salad recipes


Traditionally, the salad is a mixture of ingredients, season with any suitable dressing. Already in Ancient Rome it was customary to treat guests with mixtures of different products. Today, salad recipes are probably among the most popular. For good reason, because they are prepared quickly without requiring special skills. It is difficult to imagine any meal without these “old-timer” of the table. Many of them became characters of various festivals. For example easy holiday salads such as “Olivier” and herring under a fur coat became a constant attribute of Christmas feast. There are also salads for a birthday, as a rule, distinct, extraordinary taste and a complex recipe. But the usual dishes are very popular on the official date, because tasty salads is not so difficult. That’s why special love the most are quick to prepare dishes, as they say – on a deadline. They are prepared regardless of the day or event. We should also mention the value of images. The salad with  always stood apart in the galaxy of endlessly presents guides to action. This is understandable, because  immediately help to find the answer to the question how to cook a particular dish, even without delving too deeply into the text component.

Welcome the guests at the table, these favorite for many centuries and dishes are in the daily life of modernity. This section has incorporated the most appetizing and at the same time not complicated recipes of delicious salads. I represent to Your attention as a classic summer salads and more “heavy” as on creation, and just for the sake of calories, meals that are ideal for use in winter. This also included vegetable salads, the so-called dietary, ingredients which are very accessible to everyone. Along with the fact that the section presents numerous quick vegetable salads prepared in the shortest possible time and with a high content of vitamins, have found their place and not less useful fruit. Not stood aside also all your favorite layered salads on the festive table, from cooked vegetables. In addition, there are wonderful recipes without mayonnaise, but with a variety of sauces. These recipes will help you make time-tested and new salads have not sysyznawca popularity. In this case, play step-by-step instructions that make cooking easier.

200 g of crab sticks, 170 grams of canned corn, 2 eggs chicken, 80 g tomatoes, 20 g of rice, 10 g onion, 80 ml light mayonnaise

800 ml of juice, 500 g of bananas, 450g oranges, 300 g kiwi, 275 g of grapefruit, 250 grams of green grapes, 225g pears, peaches 225 g, 150 g raspberries

400 g chicken breast, 400 g canned corn 300 g of canned mushrooms, 200 g carrots, 3 chicken eggs, 100 grams Parmesan cheese, 80 g onion, 50 g black olives, 200 ml mayonnaise, chips oval

100 g of lettuce, 100 g of Romaine lettuce, 90 ml of the sauce “Caesar”, 90 g of cherry tomatoes, 60 g Parmesan cheese, 30 g crackers

350 g of herring, 500 g potatoes, 250 g of beet, 100 g carrots, 2 chicken eggs, 100 g onions, 350 ml of mayonnaise

300 g potatoes, 200 g pork, 200 g salted cucumbers, 200 grams of peas, 2 chicken eggs, 50 g carrot, 30 g onion, 100 ml of mayonnaise