Simple salads
Ripe tomatoes wash. Every tomato is cut, not sharing, halves, slice liberally sprinkle with salt. Of garlic, cilantro, dill, parsley to cook the mince (finely chop). Overheat in vegetable oil…

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The most expensive dishes of the world
The most expensive dishes in the world - Interesting facts: Subscription and on the source material Channel World of Mystery: we Vkontakte! be interested join. ) Facebook Blogger: we're classmates! join…

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How to prepare a quick salad?

In Russia this salad recipe to whip up a little simplified, and now it is popular under the name of “Raffaello”. You’ll need three processed cheese, two cloves of garlic, 2 boiled eggs, a package of crab sticks (6pcs). Sticks and eggs need to finely chop, cheese and garlic to RUB into a small grater. And that’s all! Mix half of the crab meat with cheese, garlic and egg, rolled them from the balls. The finished balls roll in remaining crab sticks and on the table. In the opinion of the readers of women’s forums on this salad is the best among all the recipes of salads in a hurry.

Salads in a hurry with meat and  If a salad in a hurry you need to cook for hungry men, you can use the recipe for the Italian Giovanni Letta.

In his opinion, any man will like in a salad, whip up a combination of meat, mushrooms, tomatoes and herbs. See salad recipe is really quick – cut into small cubes ham or carbonate, the same amount of mushrooms, onions, mix the obtained volume with the same amount of greens, add a few halved cherry tomatoes. Dress the salad with olive oil or balsamic vinegar and call the man at the table.

Vegetable salad in a hurry from cabbage and . Vegetable salads are also take its rightful place among the salads in a hurry.

To cook them quickly, and taste excellent. Almost considered traditional salads in a hurry from cabbage and carrots. All you need is 3 pieces of cabbage and one part carrot. Finely shinkuem cabbage, three carrots. But well-known Polish cook Zlata Bregova advises to improve the quality of this salad in a hurry due to the three actions. First, you need to carefully mash the cabbage, so she gave the juice, it is very important. Secondly, when MNU, add half a teaspoon of sugar. Thirdly, drizzle the salad with vinegar and mash again. Then add green peas, salt, refill scented with sunflower oil and serve. For flavor you can put a few petals of lemon or blueberries.

Greek salad whip . And, of course, no salad recipes in a hurry will not be without a Greek salad. It belongs to Mediterranean cuisine, which, if you don’t know, recognized by UNESCO as much as the world heritage of mankind. Victor Custodio believes that a real Greek salad is very simple – tomato, cucumber, sweet pepper, onion, a few olives and garlic cloves – all cut, mixed with pieces of soft cheese. It turns out the thing that combines taste, elegance, high dietary properties and external beauty. Stays put on ragged lettuce leaves and pour the grape vinegar Greek salad to whip up in all its glory.

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How to quickly prepare a tasty salad?
How to quickly prepare a tasty salad? The situation when guests appear unexpectedly, faced almost everyone. Or just do not want to stand long at the stove cooking, and to…

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