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  1. Pani Puri (India) India is an amazing country, which combines many cultures. This variety it boasts of street food. But on the streets of Northern India are widely…

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10 of the most expensive in the world the FAS food

TOP 10 the most expensive in the world the FAS food

Hamburger is the most famous and cheapest of all the fast food. About it and speech will go.

No burgers already hard to imagine a youth café or eatery on the road. Anyway, for different reasons, Burger for quite some time and thoroughly entered our life.

Impresses a lot of us its relatively low price. However, there are places in the world, serving not the usual burgers, standing hundred or even several thousand American dollars.

The cheapest of the most expensive burgers worth exactly one hundred dollars. The dish is called McGuire”s Grand Burger,and served it in one of the most famous pubs of Florida in the United States. Note that, despite the Irish focus of the institution, the hamburger is not served with beer, and with one of the expensive types of champagne Moet & Chandon.

“One million rupees” the so-called Burger, which got second place in our list of most expensive hamburgers. In one of the most prestigious hotels in the Jakarta Four Seasons (note, this is in Indonesia) serve refreshments at a cost of eight hundred dollars.

The filling of this bun made from expensive and rare mushroom of the same expensive variety of Korean salad.

One hundred and forty American dollars you will spend on the third member of the Top “most-most” in establishments of Las Vegas and new York. the Composition of this Burger is truly amazing! Foie Gras, black truffle is a rare and one of the most elite varieties of meat, soaked in an expensive red wine.

A couple of years ago about “Burger Shop on wall street” knew all the inhabitants of the United States. However, the school went bankrupt after the market appeared Richard Nouveau Burger. This Burger not only had in its composition a variety of delicacies, it even sprinkled on top of the Golden foil! Despite all the gastronomic delights and precious dressing wishing to enjoy this “treasure” apparently is not found.

Network Burger King organized the most expensive charitable project in the world of “fast food”. The so-called The Burger was only sold at one restaurant in London for two hundred dollars per serving. An elite class of ham, white truffles, and a special type of salt perfectly combined in a small Burger, but it was sold only once a week on Wednesdays.

Serendipity Burger – the owner of the sixth line of the Top of the most expensive burgers in the world. Its price is almost three hundred dollars. To try this delicacy, you can at “Serendipity 3”, located in new York.

The structure of this Burger included Kobe beef, caviar rare Golden shade, truffles, luxury cheese and many different Goodies. Note that for this special Burger is served Golden wishbone, adorned with diamonds.

Now in this place came the dessert, which costs over a thousand dollars. Note that this dessert was already in the Guinness Book of records.

But the most expensive Burger in the world recognized as the FleurBurger 5000. That’s the number (five thousand dollars) it costs. To try the delights available at the restaurant Fleur in Las Vegas. Exquisite composition, great products of the highest quality. The Burger is served with a bottle of elite wine Chateau Petrus 1995.

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