The ideas are interesting meat dishes
Meat — new year's eve menu No holiday table is complete without meat dishes and recipes Christmas is always something special and magically delicious. These are the recipes I have…

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What a delicious and quick to prepare
Nice to know that we live in a world of rapid advancements and technology. We are driven by the constant bustle, busy, work. The person needs a lot of strength…

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The most delicious cheeses of the world

The most delicious cheeses of the world, you have to try

We present to your attention 10 of the most delicious cheeses from around the world. I think at least one you will like but, although I advise all to try everything.


And first we have Parmesan. It is solid, brittle and sharp to the taste. It is cut into very thin slices, and eaten best with pears and walnuts. Also it is added to risotto, pasta, omelettes. 100 gr. Parmesan cheese on the average contains 392 Calories.


This is an ancient French cheese, called “Cheese of kings”. Its taste depends on the type and timing of aging varies from mushroom to the fruit. The best combination of brie and fruit. 100 gr. Bree, on average, contains about 330 Kcal.

Cambozola (Cambozola)

This is a German cow’s cheese. Manufacturers Cambazola have managed to combine features of Gorgonzola Italian and French soft cheeses. The taste is identical to Camembert, but the result mold inclusions it is most vivid and pointed. This cheese is best to apply fruit( as a variant. melon or pear). So ideally, to feel the delicate taste of cheese ” Cambozola “, it is necessary to allow fully discover its smell. For this you need to put cheese on a plate for 1 hour before serving. 100 gr. Cambazola on average is 427 Calories.


Italian cream cheese, with a very rich taste similar to yogurt and cream. 100 gr. On average, mascarpone contains 453 Calories.


Soft cheese made from cow’s milk. Brie and Camembert are similar, but brie is a little less bold. 100 gr. Camembert on average contains about 300 Calories.

Dor blue

German blue cheese. It is better to eat grapes and nuts. If You eat several types of cheese at once, this variety is better to quit at the end. 100 gr. DorBlu on average contains 354 Kcal.

Gorgonzola( gorgonzola)

One of the most recognizable Italian cheeses, different characteristic sharp taste. This cheese has a sweetish taste, with a delicate, slight nutty smell. 100 gr. Gorgonzola on average, contains about 358 Calories


Cheese from water Buffalo milk. The unmatched mozzarella combined with Basil, tomatoes and olive oil. You can still add a bit of dark pepper. 100 gr. Mozzarella, on average, contains 250 Calories


Probably the most famous French blue cheese. The blue cheese blends perfectly with the wines: sauternes, cahors, porto. 100 gr. Roquefort on average is 335 Calories.


Applies to exclusive and legendary Swiss cheeses. The name of this cheese translates from French as “Head monk “. Tete de Moine is made from the milk of cows obtained during the summer months only. The maturation of the cheese must be more than 3 months. Tete de Moines is ready in the form of a homogeneous shear and is characterized by dense texture. Has extremely powerful smell and distinct tangy flavor. Matches perfectly with the white wines. 100 gr. Tete-de-Moine, on average, contains 410 Kcal