Recipes for the New year
1 chicken leg quarter, 200 gr. mushrooms, 3 eggs, 50 gr. cheese, 1/2 tbsp vegetable oil, onion, greens, mayonnaise. The first thing you need to cook the chicken. Sauté mushrooms…

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Eggplant salad
Eggplant salad for the winter – quick and tasty recipe In the season of eggplant, and even if it was a success, we fry, and stew, prepare a variety of…

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Top 10 most interesting national dishes


1. Haggis (Scotland).

The Scots know a lot of non-standard dishes, Haggis is a proof. It is made from lamb innards, namely the liver, lungs and heart, which are cut and generously seasoned with onion, fat and spices. And then boiled in sheep stomach. A sort of version of our homemade sausages. Haggis in Scotland is revered, while for foreigners this dish the habit may seem alapetite.

2. Paella (Spain).

Spain without paella is not Spain. The basis of the dish is the rice, and added so many ingredients that can vary. They say that there are several hundred variants of paella, and to disagree is very difficult. Because it can be tinted with turmeric, add the olive oil, experiment with different types of meat, seafood and vegetables. However, the most classic is the paella with seafood.

3. Bigos (Poland).

Stew sauerkraut and fresh cabbage, fry the meat, mix them together and again sweat – there you have the bigos. The meat should be juicy-Pesochnoe, prozhilochki fat. And in bigos add smoked meat, spices, wine, prunes and mushrooms. A great winter dish, perfectly eaten with vodka.

4. Couscous (Morocco).

Most popular a dish of Oriental cuisine. Couscous itself is actually fine grits, which are boiled or steamed, and after to the resulting porridge add to a stew or vegetables. Distributed versions of couscous with seafood and sweet couscous with dried fruit and nuts.

5. Hominy (Moldova).

Porridge made of corn flour thick consistency that can be molded and then cut to your liking. Chopped Hominy excellent to use as a bread substitute, also pieces can be fried to obtain a hearty corn tortillas.

6. Moussaka (Greece).

Classic moussaka consists of vegetables with meat, or rather of baked vegetable and meat layers. The vegetable is eggplant and tomatoes. The bottom layer is eggplant, then the meat with tomatoes. Although variations of moussaka now very, very much, often in the course of going and zucchini, mushrooms, and potatoes.

7. Tacos (Mexico).

Tacos can be called Mexican or Mexican sandwich Shawarma. The Foundation of the Taco is the tortilla thin tortilla, which is wrapped spicy filling. Stuffing – this is the fantasy of the chef, usually there is roast beef, spicy sausage, greens, beans and, of course, hot sauce with chilli. Without Chile Mexican cuisine is almost unthinkable.

8. Lecho (Hungary).

In letcho have to be tomatoes, onions and peppers, then be creative and experiment yourself. Vegetables are stewed to a thick consistency and are used as a garnish for meat dishes.

9. Khinkali (Georgia).

For better understanding of khinkali, this dish can be described as a ravioli, only slightly different forms, they are molded in the form of a knapsack or bag. The dough for khinkali is made from water, salt and flour without even a hint of eggs, and a meat filling (minced meat) is added herbs, mainly cilantro. To eat khinkali, you should!

10. Kavarna (Bulgaria).

Kavarma (or kavera) serves only mutton! Meat of lamb, with fat long stew on a slow simmer with the addition of hot spices. Then all this mixture is poured into a mold, ideally in a sheep’s stomach, and under the press until firm. Then kavarma is cut and with a huge appetite eaten.