In the popular section of our woman's magazine Time Queen "Recipes" we publish good tested recipes with from all over the world. On  You will always find original, affordable…

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Recipes for the New year
1 chicken leg quarter, 200 gr. mushrooms, 3 eggs, 50 gr. cheese, 1/2 tbsp vegetable oil, onion, greens, mayonnaise. The first thing you need to cook the chicken. Sauté mushrooms…

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Main dishes recipes

Recipes main dishes

Main dishes is an integral part of a full dinner. The second is usually served hot, consisting of side dishes and meat or fish dishes, but there are no traditional varieties of recipes of dishes. What to prepare for a second to think do not have much because of the recipes there is a huge number, many of them prepared very quickly and easily.

To determine your culinary masterpiece you first need to decide what’s more You taste the fish, meat or poultry, and then pick up a good side dish. With every ingredients you can very cleverly to experiment and to prepare everything according to Your desire, but of course it is better to use ready-made recipes. Such detailed and interesting recipes can be found on our  .. There for You are varieties of cooking sea and river fish, cooking of meat and poultry. Use these recipes when cooking will greatly facilitate your work and will speed up the process.

So, after You have decided on the basis of the second serves, you need to choose from a great variety that will definitely delicious, beautiful. For example, meat can be cooked in many ways – boil, fry, bake and stew. Recipes of tasty dishes with meat can be easily found and we no longer bother to search. With meat no problem, the main thing to cook. a side dish to meat can serve as anything – potatoes, rice, steamed vegetables, even a simple vegetable salad. It can be concluded that meat dish you can always cook whatever you like.

If You decide to cook the second fish, here you can find a great number of tasty recipes. Steps of preparation will depend on the type of fish purchased. Fish dishes are also widely represented in our. All the recipes are available to everyone – are the most difficult. Most fish dishes are not only delicious, but also contain a lot of nutrients needed by the body. Thus, the recipes of the second dishes of fish should be mandatory in your kitchen.

Another variety in the recipes with  second course on our  are poultry dishes. Poultry love to cook, many chefs, because, first of all cooking it is not difficult and quickly done. Poultry can be served as a whole or in separate parts, it all depends on the recipe. It’s very simple with a side dish, it can be varied, because poultry meat is combined with completely different ingredients.

Delicious main dishes to cook in your kitchen can be as great as in the restaurant. To do this, just need to find myself a good recipe with detailed description of cooking. Recipes main courses are very diverse, and their number is simply not counted. To lunch will turn out wonderful, and everyone was happy, add to food all your love and kindness!