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Step-by-step recipes for delicious snacks
Canapes with smoked salmon This tiny canapés mini sandwiches are so popular at receptions and official events. The composition of the canapes included tiny bite of toast and chenibud edible…

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Canapés, salads and snacks

Salad “Garnet bracelet”

Prepare this unusual and very beautiful layered salad. Made in the form of a bracelet and decorated with pomegranate seeds it will become the main decoration of the most refined table.

Salad “Mushroom glade” with mushrooms

This salad is easy to prepare, the comparative cheapness of the products, and also beauty and refined taste. Try it, really delicious, this salad is always eaten first.

Salad of liver

Very simple and tasty salad with beef liver and pickled onions. Nothing complicated, all the products affordable, onion pickle themselves. You can add sunflower oil or mayonnaise.

Salad of nettle

Our ancestors knew about the healing power of nettle, so it is often cooked with her food. To replenish vitamins and minerals, prepare tasty and healthy salad of nettle with cheese and olives.

Salad with tuna and tomatoes

Vitamin salad with tuna is always a welcome treat, like a holiday, and every day. He’s healthy, nutritious, quick to prepare. Perfect dinner for those who follow the figure.

Salad with mushrooms

Alavieska with mushrooms is one of my favorite salads, I do on New year’s day and other major holidays. The ingredients are cheap and affordable, but the taste of the salad is simply amazing.

Salad with melted cheese

This inexpensive and quick salad was very popular in Soviet times, and called him “Squirrel”. Interesting observation – this salad is always the first to disappear from the holiday table.

Snack cake with smoked salmon

This amazing cake of salmon will become the most refined decoration of the festive table – it is delicious, tender, and very quick and easy to prepare. The perfect solution for the reception.

Salad with beans

If you want to stay healthy and energetic, don’t neglect salads of beans, because beans contains essential for human proteins, vitamins and amino acids.

Cabbage salad

Cabbage is an amazing vegetable that has hundreds of beneficial properties, so salads of cabbage need to cook almost every day. Offer a simple, unusual and tasty recipe.


The classic recipe of the Olivier salad. Cooked doctor sausage and canned peas, he has earned national love and has become one of the most popular Soviet salads.

A salad of tomatoes and onions

It turns out that tomatoes reduce the level of cholesterol in blood, prevent fatty liver, enhance the immune system and hemoglobin, so don’t be lazy and prepare salads of tomatoes.

Salad with tuna and pasta

This salad is easy to prepare, it is so beautiful and nourishing that they can have a tasty meal without compromising your diet. And it is often served as a separate dish, it does not require meat or anything else.

How to prepare a quick salad?
In Russia this salad recipe to whip up a little simplified, and now it is popular under the name of "Raffaello". You'll need three processed cheese, two cloves of garlic,…


A simple salad with mayonnaise cabbage eggs and onions
  Now I will tell you about very delicious and ridiculously simple salad recipe . Some people believe that salads are of two types. The first salads . festive, complex…

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