Simple recipes for exotic dishes
Simple recipes for exotic dishes How often a person wants to change. And, first of all, I want to try some new, exotic dish. Standard porridge and soups, traditional salads…

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The most delicious cheeses of the world
The most delicious cheeses of the world, you have to try We present to your attention 10 of the most delicious cheeses from around the world. I think at least…

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Features Japanese dishes


Japanese food is quite simple, as strange as it may sound. In the kitchen use a small range of products, and methods of cooking do not cause problems. But despite this, it is considered one of the most exotic and mysterious. The most important ingredient which is the basis of Japanese cuisine is rice, in Japanese it replaces the bread. It is present almost everywhere, especially in the sushi and the rolls. The Japanese, rice is boiled without salt and spices. Cooked rice should not be like porridge and sticky, each grain of rice must be separated from each other.

Also in Japanese cuisine use all the possible seafood, which are rich waters of the Pacific ocean and the sea of Japan. A variety of dishes from salmon, tuna, crab and shrimp, as well as exotic dishes of sea urchins, fish-saws, octopus, cuttlefish. It is important that the fish in Japan is not subjected to heat treatment, it is served raw, so it is necessary that all the products were fresh.

The world’s most popular dish of Japanese cuisine is sushi. In our time in the menu of any Japanese restaurant sushi are absolutely indispensable dish. There are many kinds of sushi: spicy and sharp, of marble, white and coloured rice, with octopus, salmon, eel, shrimp and many other tasty toppings. You can also find and vegetable sushi, with the addition of cucumber or avocado. Sushi is usually served on a special stand made of wood, see here Except the sushi on it is served with pickled ginger and wasabi. Ginger is not a decoration, it is used to kill the aftertaste of the last dishes when changing kinds of sushi.

It is clear that Japanese cuisine is not limited to only sushi. In addition to them in any Japanese restaurant offers salads and entrees, made from seaweed, seafood, caviar and, of course, rice. Directly rice is the main component for the preparation of norimaki or mochi, that is cakes made of rice dough. Also in Japanese cuisine there are pasta in the form of long white noodles. When cooking food, the Japanese have used vegetable oil and cod-liver oil and strictly avoid animal fats.

Sauces play an important role in Japanese cuisine. Their main ingredients is soy beans and many spices. The hierarchy of sauces has a fairly complex structure, but initially they can be divided into spicy sauces and sweet sauces.

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