The most expensive dishes of the world
  Each person has their own dreams and desires. Someone wants to visit the excavations of ancient pyramids, someone more interesting to get a gold Olympus, and for someone there…

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5 most expensive dishes in the world


Where you can enjoy an omelet for 1000 dollars or pizza for 8000. Forbes published 5 dishes that can seriously empty your wallet.

And everyone knows the rule “More is better” in cooking doesn’t always work. After a sandwich at a fast food place can be for someone tastier than filet Mignon in one of the luxury restaurants. But on the other hand ordered a dish whose cost is in the hundreds of dollars, have to tell myself that it (the dish) is delicious, that was not sorry spent. But who knows, maybe these dishes are really worth it! Enjoy all the views.

Zillion Dollar Lobster Frittata

Cost: about $1000

What could be cheaper and easier omelets, whipped eggs and fried in a skillet. Here to handle even a child. But the cooks of the restaurant Norma’s has proven that the omelette can make a masterpiece. Only here the products are not the most common: instead of greens, flour and milk – cream, meat, lobster, 10 ounces of black caviar and chives. According to employees of restaurant, the cost of the hotel is not different from its pictures on the menu. This omelet is not the way to earn clients, and the way to make an impression. For those who have not enough money provided the economy version of the omelet, just 100 dollars, however the calf will be much less.

FleurBurger 5000

Cost: about $5000

Hubert Keller respected American chef. He owns several restaurants in Las Vegas. It is in Las Vegas selling his creation, a huge Burger for$ 5000. Ingredients: foie Gras, Kobe beef, truffle sauce and crispy bun. Along with the Burger they served the wine Château Pétrus 1995, exclusive glass and a quality certificate. And who orders FleurBurger 5000, receives the usual Burger as a gift.

Golden Opulence Sundae

Cost: about $1000

This is a legendary cafe called fast food or luxury, everything is more expensive than the usual fast-food outlets. Now the dessert the Golden Opulence Sundae will cost you a pretty penny ($1000). It consists of Tahitian vanilla beans and creamy ice cream, the ice-cream bowls and decorate with shavings of the most expensive chocolate in the world Amedei Porceleana and edible gold leaf. Just with they’re served with Golden jelly beans, exotic fruits, a plate of caviar and marzipan cherries. Prepare the Golden Opulence Sundae is a very time consuming process, so should be booked at least 48 hours.

Pizza Louis XIII

Cost: €8300

It would seem, cannot be called pizza delicious dish, it is sold in all countries, on every street corner for pennies. But the Italian chef Renato viola breaks the mould and makes a pizza, where you can entertain guests at Royal parties. Renato viola pizzas in front of customers. He puts on the dough, lobster meat, shrimp, lobster meat, Buffalo mozzarella (cheese from water Buffalo milk) and 3 kinds of caviar. It runs all the elite cognac Remy Martin Louis XIII. In this pizza even salt unusual, namely pink Australian, which is mined in the river Murray, where there are red algae. Eat this pizza will not work, its diameter is 20 cm.

Samundari Khazana

Curry in India what kind of ragout of meat, fish or vegetables with gravy. The cost of such meals is relatively large and delicacy it definitely doesn’t count. But in a London restaurant Bombay Brasserie believes quite differently, and the curry they have the most expensive dish on the menu. When cooking using Scottish lobster, abalone, snails, Devon crab, Beluga caviar and truffles.

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