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Design ideas festive dishes


Design ideas festive dishes

The atmosphere of any celebration undoubtedly are jewelry, and so need to pay attention to the festive table. dishes in which to delight, to give aesthetic pleasure, to please the eye. To your attention a few simple techniques, interesting ideas of decoration of dishes .

Hard vegetables make excellent flowers. The artistic talent of hostess is optional. For example, to use colored soup curly noodles, and carrots cut stars. For this knife do 3-5 deep longitudinal cut along the entire length of the treated carrots (if desired, you can use cooked). Then slice them as usual, slices, and carrot will turn out the stars-the flowers. Such jewelry is ideal for soups and for salads, aspics, hot side dishes.

To the children’s party make the mushroom glade. Cut the boiled egg across – you will get foot fungus. Put tomato hat – and that will be krasnogolowy, and if you add mayonnaise to the point – the fly agaric.

Experiment with fruits! From the Mandarin slices will come out beautiful meadow, filled with sliced banana trunk of a palm tree and kiwi slices will replace the palm leaves. Can grape and coconuts on a palm tree to hang.

Fruits are generally given great scope for imagination. For example, citrus turn into festive lanterns, if you make shallow cuts in the skin from the top to the bottom and bend the resulting strips of the loop. You can cut strips or arches, round or pointed, to deflect them into one or more tiers. The more cuts the better the decoration. Put in the peel of the fruit of the stars carnations, and enjoy not only beautiful but also fragrant, spicy decoration.

Use everything! Cheese and egg whites, if to RUB them on a grater, you get a edible snow. Sweet alternative winter the snow will serve as coconut, which, for example, can be preporuciti a fruit plate or fruit salad.

Canned corn will be a great addition to meat cutting, if it is to make the core of the flower, and sliced meat spread around in the form of petals. Green peas and greens will help in the design of floral and natural themes. Most importantly – get creative. After all, even an ordinary garnish can be turned into a masterpiece, if you try.

A few General tips when decorating festive dishes:

Make sure that the decoration is not closed completely the dish, otherwise guests will not touch, not wanting to spoil the beauty, or simply do not see what is hidden behind the vegetable flowers and mushrooms.

Coming up with an interesting design, don’t forget that salads better just before serve, because in the finished form they otwedeniah and spoil faster. Depending on the type of filling she can become a kind of decoration. For example, mayonnaise or thick sauce laid a top a figured composition with the help of confectionery syringe.

Before the triumph of practise at cooking new recipes and building decoration is conceived, so that the possible fa

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