Recipes delicious appetizers and salads
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Recipes for meat dishes with vegetables

Recipes for meat dishes

In addition to purely meat dishes on this page are recipes of meat dishes combined with vegetables and even fruit. As mentioned on the previous page. with a higher degree of these recipes are cooking only from meat, meat is very important in human life. And most importantly, that meat and goes well with cereals. and vegetables, and legumes, and even fruits and berries.

The meat in sokolado-cherry sauce.

Cooking rabbit meat king.

1 rabbit carcass

bow 3 PCs.

hard cheese 150 gr.

sour cream 250 gr.

salt, pepper, Bay leaf, allspice to taste.

Meat baked in bread crumbs.

chicken legs or thighs

mayonnaise 200g.




salt, pepper

Cutlets from the liver.

Delicious simple recipe for liver cutlets. Not difficult to prepare

Meat recipes. The recipe for liver cutlets:

liver (beef, pork. ) 500 gr.

eggs 2 PCs.

fat 100 gr.

onion 1 PC.

carrot 1 PC.

flour 100-150 g.

salt, pepper to taste

vegetable oil for frying

Meat dish with vegetables. Meat under a fur coat.

Meat under a fur coat is interesting with its unique taste and quick cooking. The number all ingredients appetite and is determined by the size of the pan or tray that will be used.

The recipe of cooking meat under a fur coat:

the flesh of pork, beef, chicken.




hard cheese

salt, pepper, vegetable oil

Recipe and cooking chicken liver with apples.

This meat dish is a very unusual combination of fried chicken livers and fried apples, which makes this dish exquisite. This dish is quite possible to file for a romantic dinner as it is light and does not burden the stomach.

Recipe chicken liver with apples into 2 portions:

liver chicken (or Turkey) 300 g

apples, more durum 3 PCs.

salt, pepper.

vegetable oil for frying liver

butter for frying apples

flour 40 gr.

Liver well washed, salt and pepper, roll in flour and fry in vegetable oil. Wash the apples, peel, cut into slices and fry in butter. After the apples pepper, salt. If apples sour then you can add a little sugar to get the sweet and sour and moderately salty.

The dish is served, laying hot pre-liver with apples on a plate. You can decorate with sprigs of greens, tomatoes.

Prepare the skewers of meat marinated onions.

pork (good idea to take the neck)

onion, lot

Bay leaf, peppercorns, allspice, black pepper, spices for barbecue.

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