The most expensive dishes of the world
Saffron . Surprised? I was also surprised that some kind of spice in our time may be more expensive than gold. Saffron is made from the stigmas of the purple…

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The most expensive dishes of the world
The most expensive dishes in the world - Interesting facts: Subscription and on the source material Channel World of Mystery: we Vkontakte! be interested join. ) Facebook Blogger: we're classmates! join…

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Interesting recipes of dishes from meat of a hare

Interesting recipes of dishes from meat of a hare

Interesting recipes of dishes from meat of wild animals and feathered game meat: rabbit

Hares, roast in the oven (baked)

Prepared carcasses stuffed with bacon (200 grams for 1 whole bird) and roast in the oven on a pan or casserole dish, pouring a little water and put a piece of butter (about 100 grams). When the hare is browned, pour sour cream (200 grams). The finished dish Narbut to pieces.

Hares in the pan

The prepared carcass cut off the legs and stuffed them fat. Carcass stuffed, nerubay into pieces in the thickness of 4-5 centimeters. In a pan melt the butter (100 g), add 1-2 onions, put chicken and rabbit pieces, cover with lid and fry on low heat, sometimes opening and pouring the boiling water so that the rabbit doesn’t burn. By the end of the roasting water has almost all boiled. Pieces of meat put on a dish, pour into the pan 1-2 tablespoons of cold water, 100-200 grams of sour cream, bring to the boil and the sauce (broth) pour the hare.

The hare in the turnips

In casserole dish put the butter (about 100 grams), chopped into pieces, stir fry, then fall asleep completely cleaned and sliced turnips (about 800 grams, pour so much water, to cover all the turnips, cover with lid and stew until ready.

The hare in the noodles

Narbut rabbit into pieces, put in pot, fill with water (water take 2-3 times more than the hare), cook about 30:-40 “min, add salt, pepper, pour the noodles and cook until done.

Ceilings hare

In the hunting season harvested hares, cut them. The prepared carcass is cut lengthwise into two halves (ceilings), placed in barrels, sprinkling with salt of nitrate, and after 1-2 days put the barrels on the ice in the glacier. Salt ceilings as needed, is boiled in water. When the water boils, pour it, pour the boiling water, cook until done and serve, drizzled with the broth.

Buds cleft wiercenie

The kidneys are not cut completely, so that they can be deployed as a book. They are soaked in water with vinegar, put on skewers, sprinkle with salt and fry over the coals.

Hare larded

Prepared carcass cut on the front and the rear (last lumbar vertebra), put 3-5 hours in cold water, then the water is drained, pour the marinade and leave in the cold for 10-12 hours. Young hares can not be marinated, and very old — marinate up to a day. Pieces are removed from the marinade, a sharp knife make punctures in the fleshy parts of the legs, insert them into the cubes of bacon (stuffed). The meat is rubbed with salt, pepper, lightly fry in a pan or baking tray, pour sour cream and continue roasting, occasionally basting with sour cream. Ready Narbut rabbit into pieces, put in a pot or saucepan, pour sour cream with the juice remaining in the pan, and stew. Served with roasted potatoes, braised cabbage or other vegetables.