What a delicious and quick to prepare
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Eggplant salad

Eggplant salad for the winter – quick and tasty recipe

In the season of eggplant, and even if it was a success, we fry, and stew, prepare a variety of snacks from them. And, you can prepare amazingly delicious and tasty eggplant salad for the winter.

And now, especially in the summer when the cool weather, I recommend you to try delicious salad with smoked chicken .

In order to prepare for the winter a very delicious salad of eggplant and tomatoes we will need the following ingredients:

— eggplant – one kilogram;

— sweet red pepper – seven-ten pieces;

— sugar- two hundred grams;

— vegetable oil – two hundred grams;

— vinegar, a hundred and fifty grams;

— iodized salt – one tablespoon;

— garlic – ten cloves.

Salad recipe of eggplant for the winter:

Let’s start with the eggplants, we wash them, be sure to wipe dry, then cut off the stalk of each, and everything else, cut circles, put in a bowl and peresyplem salt. Let the eggplant stand in a cool place for forty-sixty minutes, we need to let the juice, and along with him the fruit came out and unpleasant bitterness.

While the eggplant is brewed, we will prepare the sauce for our salad. To do this, ripe tomatoes, wash, cut into several parts, remove the place where it was attached to the peduncle, and pass through a juicer, to produce tomato juice. The foregoing number of products, we will need at least one liter.

Cloves of garlic peel, chop with a garlic press or chop as finely as possible manually and add in the prepared tomato juice.

The juice of garlic will fill a large enameled saucepan, add sugar, salt, a bite of vegetable oil, put it all on the fire and bring to a boil.

While dressing for the salad of eggplant to boil, prepare the peppers red. If you cannot find this, do not worry green or yellow sweet pepper is also nice, moreover, you can use in making salads, several colors of peppers, he will not lose anything, but on the contrary will only benefit — will be bright and colorful. So, my pepper, cut into two parts, cleaned up the middle with seeds, remove the stalk and it shinkuem strips.

Then take the eggplant, squeeze them and drop into a pot of boiling tomato sauce. Stir and boil for five minutes.

When the aubergines will it boil for sauce, add chopped bell peppers, mix up all again, better to do it with a big wooden spoon, and cook all together for twenty minutes-twenty-five.

Be sure to pre-prepared glass jars, for this portion you need five cans with a capacity of 0.5 liters. Clean banks be sure to sterilize them over steam also boil water in the tin lid.

Hot eggplant salad with tomatoes and arrange in glass containers and quickly rolls up their tin lids. Further banks need to flip the cover downwards and in this form to wrap up in something warm. Allow to cool during the day, then put away for the winter in a cool place.

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