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Salads birthday

Salads birthday recipes birthday

Covering the table for my birthday, involuntarily start to think, what salads to surprise your guests. Of course, every housewife has a huge amount of their special salad recipes. intended for the holiday table. But often I want to make something original and delicious that all the guests gasped with delight, and then praise your culinary masterpiece. It is important to remember that salads birthday must have not only great taste but also beautiful to look. This is why we need to conventional recipes to add their unique flavour. For example, to add to an ordinary salad “Olivier” salad with crab sticks and decorate this salad something special. Here you will find the application flight to your imagination, because you need to accept that stuff can be any product, from chicken to cucumber and even the most common and mundane salad can be served in a cabbage leaf, slice of bread or a basket made from an orange. Be sure that these options will certainly be bezvyigryshnaya and will definitely surprise and delight your guests.

The salads Birthday is a special food, which is given great importance, as they begin any meal. Directly from salads, according to the rules of etiquette, you must open the Banquet, and thus, the salads that You will be for him to cook, should be possible to please and surprise guests, at the same time, considerably to feed and to describe the birthday child from the point of view of products that he loves.

Cooking for birthday

Many Housewives-dreamer used this for salad recipes, products which “speak” for themselves, presenting each new salad with a presenter’s speech, and congratulations.

It is imperative that the menu contains salads for a festive birthday . which will consist of a variety of ingredients, including meat. fish. diet and fruit. so that every guest could choose something to taste, not risking to stay hungry.

But because we have a huge database of a wide variety of salads for the main holiday in the life of every person who will be able to diversify Your look boring dishes to please and surprise each guest, and leave this day in memory of the birthday boy as the most interesting and memorable!

Delicious salads for my birthday

The recipe for a delicious salad for my birthday . finely chop smoked or boiled chicken and to fill it with mayonnaise. Mix thoroughly and spread on the dish in a thin layer.

Next spread a layer of drained corn and namasivayam layer with mayonnaise. Evenly spread cooked mashed egg yolks. Then there are mushrooms in three layers.

Wipe boiled potatoes in the blender and namasivayam on top of mushrooms. The last layer should be aligned.

Salads birthday decorating food coloring to make them festive.

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