Chinese kitchen
Chinese kitchen Deepest inherently philosophical doctrines of ancient China, has always impressed us with their depth and wisdom sayings. Every word and thought, though filled with invaluable drops of meaning…

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Main dishes recipes
Recipes main dishes Main dishes is an integral part of a full dinner. The second is usually served hot, consisting of side dishes and meat or fish dishes, but there…

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The most expensive dishes of the world

Black caviar, exotic marine life and rare tropical island fruit – all of these are expensive for the average person meals have become usual on the tables of millionaires. But what they eat the world’s richest people. when seeking to demonstrate their own financial well-being and enjoy the culinary delights of modern cooks extra class?


Familiar to any inhabitant of the post-Soviet space affordable everyday food in the hands of elite chefs can sparkle with new colors in the literal and figurative sense of the word: the most expensive dumplings in the world – blue color. It gives them included in the recipe fish-iron torch, one of the most deep and difficult of extraction of marine fauna. In addition to her exotic option familiar dishes include salmon, veal and pork. A serving of eight pieces of these dumplings will cost the foodie millionaire in 2400 dollars.


Its seemingly difficult to relate to the category of expensive and rare dishes. But it is worth remembering that people who earn a lot of money. not used to seeing on my Desk is something familiar and banal, which is why the island Normate cultivated variety of potato called “La Bonnotte”, the cost per kg which is an average of five hundred euros. Going expensive delicacy entirely by hand, but from the ordinary the potato is distinguished by its more delicate and refined taste.


The desire to eat on the go fast food is typical for the rich. But to attend regular school fast food is not the best option for a millionaire. Chef elite restaurant in Las Vegas decided to meet fans of gaming who want to eat fast, but luxuriously, and was included in the menu of the restaurant “Fleur” Burger, the price of which is five thousand dollars. For that amount you can enjoy the Kobe beef, the most delicate sauce of white truffles and slices of foie Gras placed on melting in your mouth crispy bun. Complements the Burger? fifteen-year-old bottle of wine and an exclusive glass.


To call the original dish, which is served in a Filipino restaurant, traditional sushi is very difficult, because instead of the usual for all fans of Japanese cuisine nori they use a thin plate of gold of 24 carats. For decorating nigiri-sushi chef applies the African diamonds of 0.2 carats, and the total cost of one serving of this masterpiece of culinary art and jewelry is two hundred thousand dollars. The most frequent buyers of this dish – men who are going to make your beloved proposal of marriage. According to them, it’s much more original than the trivial ring in a champagne glass.


Another inexpensive traditional dish that has received new life in the hands of true Italian pizza. She is preparing the world’s only chef directly in front of the client. On the finished piece of dough laid out three kinds of caviar, shrimp, filet and lobster lobster, as well as the rare cheese made from milk of black Buffalo – mozzarella-Buffalo. Instead of fueling the author of pizza at a cost of eight thousand three hundred Euro elite uses brandy, and to add spice without the original dish is called pink Australian salt. However, feasting on pizza, the diameter of which does not exceed twenty centimeters, it is very difficult, but in this case it is not important.

Luxury became a lifestyle for the elite, is becoming more sophisticated and original form, so who knows, it’s possible that soon the cooks of elite restaurants and will create more expensive dishes that can shake the imagination of even the most discerning palate. In the meantime, these five products are the leaders of the list of the most expensive and most unusual food in the world.

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