Chinese kitchen
Chinese kitchen Deepest inherently philosophical doctrines of ancient China, has always impressed us with their depth and wisdom sayings. Every word and thought, though filled with invaluable drops of meaning…

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Features Japanese dishes
  Japanese food is quite simple, as strange as it may sound. In the kitchen use a small range of products, and methods of cooking do not cause problems. But…

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Armenian cuisine

Armenian cuisine

As Armenian cuisine is one of the oldest in Asia, it had a significant impact on the culinary customs of the Georgians, Azerbaijanis, Turks, Persians, Byzantines. Two and a half millennia ago, Armenians knew about the processes of fermentation; about the same time, it laid the basic tradition of baking followed to this day. For Armenian cuisine is characterized by continuity: modern chefs actively using old kitchen appliances and cooking methods, in an effort to minimally deviate from them. By the way, many names of dishes of Armenian cuisine – tapaka, ccuc, Potok is closely connected with the names of utensils in which they are prepared.

The complexity of technology

Many dishes of Armenian cuisine involves a high complexity and diversity of technological operations: cutting of meat in the stuffing, whisking, grinding, toasting each component of the dish separately, the multi-stage connection of ingredients, delicate selection of the composition of spices. In the preparation of dishes using not only traditional products but also uncharacteristic of the other cuisines of components, for example, many pastries are prepared using watermelon peels. Among the ways of heat treatment quenching dominates – it allows you not only to give the dish a special flavor, but also save a significant portion of nutrients. Dishes of Armenian cuisine is quite spicy and fragrant. The most popular spices are black pepper, garlic, mint, cilantro, Basil, tarragon, thyme, garlic, pastry, add the cardamom, cinnamon, saffron, vanilla, cinnamon.

Dairy products

In Armenia, widespread cattle farming, so cow and goat milk there are widely used in cooking. Yoghurt or ghee, and buttermilk could be added to any dish, and from the serum obtained in the process of cooking, make the cheese, Gagik and buttermilk powder chortan. Seri – traditional Armenian condensed milk, which is one of the oldest of the local dishes. Rightful place in the Armenian cuisine occupied and cheeses, traditional white, cheese, bardutzky Motala, a woven Husac panir and Chechil and mclac panir and the Church pair with mold.

Meat in Armenian cuisine

Kebab is traditionally one of the most famous dishes of the Armenian cuisine, and there are several principled ways of cooking. So, large pieces of meat called Armenian khorovats can be prepared either on the grill (carsi), either in the pan (this dish is called khazani). Along with lamb are pork and beef, and skewers of beef with the addition of tail fat is called IKI-bir. Popular in Armenian restaurants and kofte – small balls, which are prepared in a special way and pounded and boiled meat, and kokolik – meatballs served in broth. Many options of cooking dolma and has: in particular, pasus dolma is a vegetable dish. From thin strips of boiled beef cooked baskyrtat, of finely minced chicken meat with addition of wheat – ARIS, lamb with herbs and peas – bozbash. One of the most famous Armenian sausage is dry-cured flat sujukh with garlic, pepper and Chaman. And one of the most exotic dishes of the Armenian cuisine is considered to be organic, which combines chicken and venison, cooked in chicken broth.

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