5 most expensive dishes in the world
  Where you can enjoy an omelet for 1000 dollars or pizza for 8000. Forbes published 5 dishes that can seriously empty your wallet. And everyone knows the rule "More…

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Belarusian cuisine
Cuisine Of Belarus Belarusian appetizer Belarusian national cuisine has evolved over centuries. Belarusian culinary traditions is a mix of simple recipes and refined dishes of the nobility, an extensive use…

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The ideas are interesting meat dishes

Pig in the oven

Meat . as we all know, can be prepared in various ways: boiling, roasting, frying, braising. And each type of cooking takes a considerable amount of time from 20 – 45 minutes. These meals usually turn out really tasty, but hardly they can be called low-calorie or unconditionally good for health. Undoubtedly, the role of meat in the diet of each person is great, however I want to consume not only a tasty product, but healthy, hearty.

Equipment 400 Grad for cooking on the volcanic stone is a kind of solution to this issue. Our technology is unique to the Russian consumer, of-a-kind innovation that to date has still to be proved. However, it should be said that this technology has been ten years since the success enjoyed by the countries of Europe and Asia, it is not surprising that coming almost in every restaurant abroad, we can find the menu on the volcanic stones. What is unique is the equipment?

Technology “volcanic stone” seems quite simple and easy to use. It can be used not only in catering establishments, but also at home. However, in order to make this technology truly useful and interesting and only one of its kind, it will require imagination and thinking chefs that are able to diversify the range of food on volcanic stones. Of course, the easiest way is to cook on the stone an ordinary piece of meat, but we all strive to ensure that our meals were varied, and we could play with his dishes. How does the process of cooking on stones, in this case in terms of when You’re a guest of the restaurant?

After acceptance of an order from the visitor of the restaurant, the chef in the kitchen laid on a special porcelain plates preheated 400 degree volcanic stone. After that, within a couple of minutes on a plate put the garnish to the main dish – in this case, the meat, poured the sauce in specially designated on the plate separation, then put the meat on the stone itself and is served to the customer at the table. An important point that feeding of meat – it is a totally raw (or pre-marinated). Thus every customer of Your restaurant will be able to see what he eats, and never doubt the quality of the product supplied. The meat on the stone prepared without oil, no fat, the meat is cooked in its own juice, getting juicy and unique taste of the product itself. Due to the fact that the stone has a temperature of about 400 degrees, the process of cooking the meat depending on its thickness is from 2 to 15 minutes. The guest is an active participant of the cooking process, a chef, and this is really a fascinating, interesting, beautiful and appetizing.

This technology is appreciated by those people who look after their health, care about the quality of the product itself, and just for those who do not simply absorb food, and an important aesthetic and beautiful presentation. This is truly an exciting process that can capture every.

The efficiency and expediency of use of this equipment is certain: it is economical, requires little maintenance, is easy to use, and most importantly the cost is not high. Our company offers a complete package of services purchase of equipment: training, instruction, warranty and service. We will share with You our recipes, and will render every assistance in attracting attention to this product.