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The most delicious dishes of the world!

The most delicious dishes of the world, or a gastronomic journey around the Earth

The food is very tasty, the DOE tastes differ. When you start to rank the most delicious dishes of the world, foodies are lost in doubt who to give the first position in the top 1000 as of worthy candidates to choose just ten favorites. So what’s the most delicious dish of the world?

The most delicious dish in the world: peculiarities of the national cuisine

“Tell me what your nationality and I’ll tell you what your gastronomic cravings”. Each ethnic group has its own special recipes, the ingredients which determine the environmental conditions represented in the region, its religious customs. Norway is famous for pickled herring, which you will never find on the table of the Croat. If the Indians offer a succulent veal steak, it would be an insult. European tourists will not appreciate the delicacy of fried grasshoppers, kindly offered Thai.

Some people believe that food cannot travel. Therefore, in order to experience the fullness of the recipe, I need to try the dish in its country of origin.

But if the dish doesn’t come to us, we go to the dish! So do restaurants, choose your menu a specific cuisine, inviting chef professional who knows her ropes and is ready to offer the most delicious dishes.

Restaurateurs, defining gastronomic preferences of our countrymen, recently conducted a survey. As a result of this study was composed of TOP 10 countries that have submitted their most delicious dishes.

Italy – loved pizza, lasagna, pasta and little known Fioredizucca, delicate treat of dried pumpkin flowers with mozzarella. To try the delights of Italian chefs in Moscow invites Centrale on Kutuzovsky Prospekt.

China offers the most accessible and understandable Exotica for Europeans. Peking duck, prepared by the Moscow “Ancient China” will be a good acquaintance with Chinese food.

France – if you want to join the society of connoisseurs of refined taste, start with the best meat stew with beans LeCassoulet or try the famous foie Gras, prepared by chefs of “Riviera”.

Japan – traditional sushi, rolls, miso soup became a favorite for the Russians. Therefore, the Japanese restaurant “Copper” and sushi bars are always in favor of the Muscovites.

Georgia – feel the real taste of natural ingredients, enhanced by herbs and spice pungency of spices in the restaurant “Caucasian captive “, which offered a kebab exactly what it is actually.

Five countries-gastronomic leaders continue India with its simple but always very tasty. Followed by Spain, famous for its gazpacho. Greece offers to start with the moussaka,traditional snacks. Thailand will surprise you with som Tam salad that combines salty, sweet, spicy and sour. Ten leaders of saycause, where among hundreds of nationalities it is difficult to determine the best dish, but foodies all over America came together and expressed their preference for BBQ.

When you get acquainted with a new kitchen, first evaluate the contents of the plates visually. And will you continue the love at first sight after the first taste, depends on personal food preferences of a gourmet.

But regardless of the fare to a certain country, cook each of them will tell you that his kitchen is the best, and the dishes are delicious and you just have to try them!

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