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Meatloaf stuffed with minced meat


In one of the magazines found an interesting recipe meatloaf stuffed with stuffing. This dish is quite common in Spain. Cook it with different fillings. Can the stuffing take boiled eggs or spinach. Meatloaf with spinach will be more easy.

For the preparation of such roll is best to take a piece of beef or veal, cut from the peritoneum. This part of the meat is more tender and soft.

Meatloaf with stuffing can be served either hot or cold, cut into thin pieces. As a separate meat dish with garnish, with or without the sauce. And can be served as a starter.

Share how to cook meatloaf stuffed with minced meat combined with culinary readers of my blogand ” Recipes of Spanish cuisine “ .

Meatloaf with stuffing

Take the following products:

a piece of beef 1.5 kg

1 onion,

1 carrot,

4 tomatoes,

300 ml red wine,

4. tablespoons low-fat liquid cream

1 incomplete teaspoon of paprika,


ground black pepper,

olive oil,


For the filling:

400 gr. mixed minced pork and veal

150 gr. cooked ham,

60 gr. pine nuts,

a piece of white bread without crust,

3 eggs.

When you buy meat, ask the seller to cut it along so as to obtain a single thin flat piece in the form of an open book.

1. Mix salt, black pepper and half the paprika. RUB this mixture into the meat.

2. Prepare the filling for rolls. A piece of white bread to soak in cold water or milk. Wring it well and mash it with a fork. Beat the eggs and mix them with bread.

3. Cut ham in small cubes, not more than 0.5 cm to Add them to the egg mixture. There also add pine nuts. Then stir the minced meat. Season with salt and pepper, add the remaining paprika. All knead well.

4. On the Board to spread out the meat. On top in the center put the stuffing, distribute it evenly. Roll them up and tie it with kitchen thread so that meatloaf stuffed tight, not turning around.

5. In a saucepan or deep skillet, heat 4 tablespoons of olive oil. Fry the roll on all sides until Golden brown. Remove it from the pan.

6. Peel the carrot and cut it into cubes. Finely chop the onion. Tomatoes clean the skin and also finely chop. At the same olive oil we used to fry luncheon meat, simmered onions. But don’t let him get too crispy.

7. When the onions become transparent, add the carrots and tomatoes. Put meatloaf. To pour wine. If necessary, add water to cover the meat. Chop the parsley and sprinkle it roll.

8. Put the saucepan on the fire. When it boils, cover. Cook the roll on a gentle heat until cooked, about 1 hour and a quarter.

9. When the roll is ready, remove it from the pan, remove string and cut into chunks. For sauce, in a saucepan, add the cream and bring to the boil. If necessary, season with salt and pepper.

Serve meatloaf stuffed with meat hot or cold as I said. Just as you like. Pour over sauce.

Bon appetit!


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