The ideas are interesting meat dishes
Pig in the oven Meat . as we all know, can be prepared in various ways: boiling, roasting, frying, braising. And each type of cooking takes a considerable amount of…

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A simple salad with mayonnaise cabbage eggs and onions
  Now I will tell you about very delicious and ridiculously simple salad recipe . Some people believe that salads are of two types. The first salads . festive, complex…

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In the popular section of our woman’s magazine Time Queen “Recipes” we publish good tested recipes with from all over the world. On  You will always find original, affordable and tasty recipes home cooking, found us and sent our dear readers and readers. If You do not know how to cook, it does not matter. This is just to correct — often come to visit us You will quickly learn and love to cook to please yourself and loved ones delicious cooking.

Good cooking loves a joyful mood and confidence in his skills. Cooking recipes which are simple and very tasty is cooking from the magazine “Time of Queens”. Over the eternal question “What is tasty to cook?” every day, think about the billions of hosts worldwide. With love selected recipes with  our cooking section will help You solve this urgent question today, and every day after. Thousands of good recipes from around the world will make Your cooking exquisite and unique, and loved ones will be proud of Your culinary art. With us You will always find new recipes everyday and festive, with step-by-step  and simple instructions.

Cooking is a craft in tasty and healthy food, and creativity the creation of new original dishes, and the science of proper nutrition and the art of preserving the traditions of different peoples from around the world. But this is not all. Even cooking love to his family and home. Also cooking is a great Energizer and source of cheerful mood. So nice to delight your loved ones dishes, which invest the soul. Our mothers and grandmothers got married and started to lead culinary notebooks, notebooks and notebooks, where carefully wrote down favorite recipes. These home cooking books have always helped, when it was the holidays. But times have changed and today our modern hostess helps the Internet: a huge range of good recipes with beautiful and original festive dishes –a great school of culinary arts.

Our cooking section will help You out in any situation. You will find good recipes of entrees that are ready in just half an hour. Our recipes with  will allow you to create amazingly tasty main dishes – meat in French, chops with prunes, and many other dishes, only mention which mouth watering. If you came to visit our available recipes will not only help set a wonderful table for 30-40 minutes, but deserved to be rewarded with the glory of the mistress. Our salads quickly. hot, main dishes, desserts, pies, cakes, compotes, fruit drinks – guests and friends will enjoy it! Popular recipes with placed in the women’s magazine is not just a convenient cooking manual, it’s good recipes the loving wife and mother, an excellent opportunity to arrange your family this holiday, give a cheerful mood. Prepare delicious and tasteful. And we will always find you some good recipes.

Christmas dishes from around the world
Classic European Christmas dinner is roasted meat and vegetables and sweet rolls for dessert. However, if you take a look at holiday eating Christians in different parts of the world,…


Meatloaf stuffed with minced meat
  In one of the magazines found an interesting recipe meatloaf stuffed with stuffing. This dish is quite common in Spain. Cook it with different fillings. Can the stuffing take…

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