The most delicious cheeses of the world
The most delicious cheeses of the world, you have to try We present to your attention 10 of the most delicious cheeses from around the world. I think at least…

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The most expensive dishes of the world
Saffron . Surprised? I was also surprised that some kind of spice in our time may be more expensive than gold. Saffron is made from the stigmas of the purple…

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The most expensive dish in the Minsk restaurant

The most expensive dish in the restaurant Minsk is $170, liquor at $4 thousand

ERB looked for the most expensive dish in the capital’s restaurants and learned how much money do the customers.

“We’re not a very trendy place, very quiet . — suddenly says the administrator of the famous French restaurant “the Golden scallop” Vitali . Here you can come, sit, dinner resembles more a kind of celebration” .

Vitali calls and the average check per person, per night — 1 million rubles . The most expensive dish — hot dish “scallops with foie Gras and beetroot salad “Rosenets” — weight 153 grams. The most expensive alcohol 15 million for “Chateau Margaux” harvest 1999.

“It is clear that the wine you order infrequently. On average, our guests drink wine 1-2 million. That is not the most expensive, not the cheapest. Our guests are usually Russians, Belarusian businessmen and their wives and children.”

The waitress-Chinese restaurant “Seasons” . that recently opened at the hotel “Beijing”, wants you to call her on Russian manners Sonya. Says that in their school the most expensive dish and the most popular.

“We have the most expensive dish — Peking duck, a very famous and popular worldwide dish I order almost every day.” says Sonya .

The price of Peking duck is $ 1 million . The girl notices that sometimes they have the average check reaches $ 10 million.

The administrator of the restaurant “Bella Rosa” Paul recalls average ERB check in Friday night — $ 60 .

“If you take wine, salad, soup, main course and dessert, is about $ 60. The most expensive dish — Board seafood for four, about 1.5 million. The dish weighs 1.5 pounds, and it quite often order. The most expensive steaks we have, for example, from the marble beef. They cost 970 thousand rubles” . — Paul says and adds that sometimes customers order the most expensive champagne “Crystal” 20 million per bottle.

On average in restaurants of Minsk for Friday night have to pay about 25-50 dollars per person, with drinks and depending on the category of the establishment.

Leader in prices was the restaurant “Falcone” . Find here the most expensive dish was “lobster Tail steamed with a puree of cabbage, Pak Choi, souffle of lobster, macadamia nuts with sauce “ber Blanc” with saffron and citrus juice”. Price meals — 1,750 thousand.

“We have signature dishes and very famous chef. We don’t offer soup-pack for 500 thousand rubles” . — explain at the restaurant.

Immediately found the most expensive bottle of cognac “Louis XIII,” which stands as a used car — about 40 million. And this drink was the client in Minsk.

“We have a client who comes once or twice a month and order this cognac” . — they say in the restaurant.

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