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Step-by-step recipes for delicious snacks

Canapes with smoked salmon

This tiny canapés mini sandwiches are so popular at receptions and official events. The composition of the canapes included tiny bite of toast and chenibud edible ham olives fish fruits vegetables. All the ingredients canapés are strung on a special disposable plastic skewers. This appetizer is very handy because it goes into my mouth at once and it is convenient to have a snack with alcoholic drinks. At the buffet it is very convenient you will quickly have a snack and do not stain hands. And on the holiday table this appetizer it would be like to eat by the way.

Guests at the door, and you don’t know what to cook on the table? Open the refrigerator and prepare a quick conapesca. Canapés can be prepared as sweet, for example, for snacks, champagne, or wine and salt to the liquor. I offer you the recipes of how to cook two types of canapes.

Savoury canapés with smoked salmon which is called the “Seven layers”, this beautiful gourmet snacks with delicacies. This sofa will decorate any holiday and perfect for any spirits.

Option is sweet canape with cheese and strawberries. It’s summer and strawberries that’s it for sweet dishes.

All canapés are prepared very simply and quickly don’t forget to buy skewers and ingredients.

Ingredients for canapés with smoked salmon.

Cream cheese-300g.

red caviar – 50g.

Lemon zest – 1H.l.

Smoked salmon – 200g.

Juice lemon – 1H.l.

Black bread or rye

Ingredients for sweet canapes with strawberries.

White bread



cottage cheese

Balsamic vinegar

Step-by-step guide to prepare canapés with smoked salmon.

1. First cut the bread with small slices or squares, the pieces should be of a size that would fit in his mouth at once, but keep in mind, in addition to bread there are more ingredients.

2. in a deep bowl, combine cream cheese, lemon zest, lemon juice and chopped parsley.

3. lubricate each slice with the mixture.

4. Salmon cut in small pieces the same shape and size as the bread.

5. on each slice on top of cheese lay a slice of salmon. So alternate layers, there should be 7pcs.

6. At the end, insert a skewer and top it with a sprinkle of caviar. With a knife porovnejte side. Put canapes for an hour in the cold.

Step by step guide on how to cook canapes with strawberries.

1. Take the bread slices and using cookie cutters for cookies squeeze beautiful shapes, such as stars or hearts. You can squeeze out of shape, as white and rye bread.

2. Shape, place on a baking sheet and place on a slightly heated oven, the bread was dried on top and was crispy.

3. strawberries a good rinse, remove the stems. Cut the strawberry slices.

4. Each figure with bread spread cream cheese, put the plate of strawberries.

5. In a water bath melt the chocolate and pour on top of strawberries chocolate. Pour the chocolate without removing it from fire, as it quickly hardens and takes the lumps.

The bruschetta

The bruschetta is a popular Italian dish that has a sweet and salty variant. From sandwiches this interesting appetizer is characterized in that the first slices of bread well fried on the grill or in a pan without oil. The simplest of bruschetta is a toasted slice of white bread, top greased with olive oil and garlic. But in General on the bruschetta you can put anything you like though sweet though salty stuffing.

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