The cookies I love from childhood. Its always baked my grandmother, when waiting for us to visit on weekends. So my weekend so far has been associated with the…

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The most expensive dish in the Minsk restaurant
The most expensive dish in the restaurant Minsk is $170, liquor at $4 thousand ERB looked for the most expensive dish in the capital's restaurants and learned how much money…

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Salad recipes for every day


The main purpose of salad is to improve the appetite and promote the secretion of gastric juice to better absorb food. This is an important and necessary course, which is why the meal usually starts with salads. On this page of our and you will find a wonderful salad recipes with  . as well as useful advice, how best to prepare. The salads and go well as side dishes and as a snack. They can be used even for a Breakfast, lunch and dinner.

They say that the cook may spoil the porridge, but the salad it will not spoil ever. “Salad needs to cook 4 cook”, – stated in a popular Italian story. And further it says: “Vinegar the salad is seasoned cook, the miser, salt the chef-philosopher, the oil charge to add the chef-motu finally get the salad chef is an artist.” If you start making salads for everyday or holiday table, remember these 4 comic Board and treat preparations of salads creatively.

It is also good not to forget about the beautiful design of the salads, as they say, the eyes help us to eat. Well decorated salads bring variety to your table setting. Decorate salads but moderately so you can see what components it consists of. All salads perfect decoration of tomatoes, cucumbers, herbs, radish and pepper. To decorate the salad young leaves of parsley, coriander, celery and dill put not crushed. And cucumbers should be cut into thin slices, rolling them up in the form of a funnel.

Salad is a cold dish. Therefore, it is prepared from vegetables or fruit. To prepare it using boiled or raw foods, but it is not forbidden to take pickled, salted or baked. The delicious salad recipes includes seafood, meat, fish, mushrooms, cheese. These products enrich their protein and make the salad more nutritious.

Serve salads can be both separately, each in the form of salad-cocktail, and in large bowls or large dishes, where every man takes to himself as much as he needs a salad with a spoon.

It is impossible to prepare and store salads in a metal bowl. Store only in glass, ceramic or enamel.

A good hostess has the ability to navigate and contribute in the preparation of any dish changes according to your desire and taste. And qualities such as originality, individuality and originality, will help you to have a creative approach to each recipe salads .

When you will consider salad recipes with . and suddenly you in preparing salads something will not turn out, do not worry. Remember that they are brought to you by the chefs are professionals who for many years working in this field, and you probably only know the art of cooking. The main thing is patience and dedication!