The ideas are interesting meat dishes
Meat — new year's eve menu No holiday table is complete without meat dishes and recipes Christmas is always something special and magically delicious. These are the recipes I have…

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The most exotic dishes of the world
The most exotic dishes of the world For us as Europeans, the most exotic dishes are Asian cuisine. By the way, for Asians – our cuisine is too exotic, and…

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Thai kitchen

This exotic Thai cuisine

Asian cuisine has long been not uncommon, especially for residents of large cities. Enjoy the amazing Oriental dishes all without exception.

Features cuisine of Thailand

Especially popular in Thai cuisine. on the basis of a Fig. Thanks to aromatic spices, rice dishes turn out flavorful and amazingly delicious. Saffron, cumin, Basil, ginger, lemon grass – they all give a spicy flavor to any dish. Traditional in Thailand are soups with coconut milk in which the spices are added. Spices have a distinct aroma, improves the taste of each dish. Thais themselves love to eat, so constantly experimenting with different ingredients and coming up with new recipes. Unlike Indian and Chinese food, Thai people don’t use in the formulation of complex sauces, starch, dairy products. Thai dishes have a balance of sharpness and sweetness that makes them so impressive.

Rice is the staff of life

If we eat meals with bread, Thai food, all eaten with rice. In restaurants in Thailand have a tradition of feeding a variety of foods on one large platter, which guests pass around the circle, and everyone has the opportunity to try all the dishes. However, the figure stands at each, and try the delicacies served. The main components of Thai cuisine are seafood, meat, vegetables, fruit. Only Thai restaurant you will taste the fried squid with garlic and pepper or amazingly delicious beef and oyster sauce. Traditionally Thai dinner will include several dishes: soup, entrée, hot and cold snacks. Dessert can be coconut cake, served with fruit or whipped cream. During the dinner we drink tea with ice or plain water. Any proposed by the restaurant the dish is always beautifully decorated, and it is a mandatory attribute of any dish.

Only in Thai cuisine, you can taste the exotic dish called patanga. It locusts, crunchy cockroaches, maggots and grasshoppers. Taking into account the views of tourists who were taking the test with this dish, it is safe to say, the dish is unique and delicious even. Some have compared fried insects with seeds or shrimp. But as they say, on taste and color…

Good food is the key to happiness

In Thailand eat well can all, regardless of their social status and earnings amount. Here several times a year, collect a rich harvest of fruits, vegetables. A huge number of bananas, and different varieties, mangoes, pineapples, papayas, watermelons, coconuts is a real Paradise for gourmets.

But what is most interesting recipes of dishes as such, no. Every chef uses a different set of spices, focusing on your own taste. And, despite the lack of standards, all Thai dishes are prepared with love, so they are so fragrant and delicious.

All Thai dishes are special. They feel passion and freedom. Once you try dishes prepared by a Thai chef, you’ll never be able to forget “the same taste”.

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