The most expensive dishes of the world
Saffron . Surprised? I was also surprised that some kind of spice in our time may be more expensive than gold. Saffron is made from the stigmas of the purple…

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Salad recipes for every day
Salads The main purpose of salad is to improve the appetite and promote the secretion of gastric juice to better absorb food. This is an important and necessary course, which…

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Delicious recipes

Classic Caesar salad

Caesar salad is considered the American salad. And in General has no relation to the Roman Emperor Julius Caesar. Its name he received in honor of the American with Italian roots Caesar Cardini, who gave the opportunity to the world to try the classic Caesar salad.

The story of this salad was very short and interesting. It began so. Caesar Cardini after the first world emigrated to the United States. Then in Mexico in 20 km from San Diego he opened his establishment combines restaurant and hotel called “Caesar’s Place”.


Salad “Caesar”

For a long time many of us thought the Caesar salad with cooked chicken, named for the Roman General and Victor, the dictator, and speaker.

Many will be surprised that the salad was created unremarkable immigrant from Italy whose parents named Caesar, but his name Cardini.

Now, many chefs have modified the original recipe for Caesar salad, began to add many different ingredients, but remain unchanged: garlic, olive oil, lettuce.

Salads with avocado

Avocado is a fruit, which recently appeared in our stores. he Hails from Central America, where a very popular ingredient of many dishes. The oily pulp of the fruit is very high in calories (100 gr. – 160 Kcal) and nutrient. It contains a higher concentration of vitamin C and E, calcium, sodium and other beneficial minerals that contribute to good liver function, cleanses your body of cholesterol, restoring the walls of blood vessels. Scientists claim that it is the most nutritious fruit in the world. There are plenty of recipes of salads with avocado, which diversify your menu, make it unusual and exotic. Below are a few simple and delicious recipes. Read more ”

Salad “Obzhorka” for the holidays and every day

On the eve of New year, every woman is reviewing a lot of cookbooks in search of holiday recipes. Of course, you could do easier and to prepare salads classic type: Olivier, crab salad. But the essence of the festive table is that meals must be not typical (everyday) and delicious.

Salad “Obzhorka” can decorate the table at any celebration, including new year’s. It is made differently, each family has their secrets and priorities among the ingredients. Salad recipe “Obzhorka” was not invented by one famous chef who just had a good imagination and the desire to make something extraordinary.


The ideas are interesting meat dishes
Meat — new year's eve menu No holiday table is complete without meat dishes and recipes Christmas is always something special and magically delicious. These are the recipes I have…


Step-by-step recipes for delicious snacks
Canapes with smoked salmon This tiny canapés mini sandwiches are so popular at receptions and official events. The composition of the canapes included tiny bite of toast and chenibud edible…

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