The most delicious cheeses of the world
The most delicious cheeses of the world, you have to try We present to your attention 10 of the most delicious cheeses from around the world. I think at least…

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The most expensive dishes of the world
Black caviar, exotic marine life and rare tropical island fruit – all of these are expensive for the average person meals have become usual on the tables of millionaires. But…

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Christmas dishes from around the world

Classic European Christmas dinner is roasted meat and vegetables and sweet rolls for dessert. However, if you take a look at holiday eating Christians in different parts of the world, very surprised.

Whale skin and stuffed skins of the seals (Greenland)

The inhabitants of Greenland are served on a festive Christmas table traditional eskimo cuisine, MACtac and civic. MACtac is frozen whale skin with fat. It is cut into cubes and eaten as in the thawed and frozen form. Still it is dried.


Civic — a very exotic dish. Frankly, an Amateur. It is cooked like this: in headless carcass of a seal stuffed local birds of the family of auks. The carcass of seal fat and buried in the ground for several months. Then dig up and eat poultry in the open air — the smell of this delicacy, you know, specific.

The deep fried chicken from KFC (Japan)

Most of the residents of the Country of the rising sun — the Shinto or Buddhist, and Christmas is, in theory, should not be noted. However, each December 25, the Japanese family together with children friendly rows are sent to the nearest fast food restaurant KFC to taste the signature dish network chicken fried.

The tradition to celebrate the Christian holiday originated in Japan thanks to a marketing campaign of KFC. In 1974, they released a promotional video in which a group of foreigners tried in vain to find in Tokyo a Christmas Turkey. To the rescue came the KFC restaurant. Around 10 dollars at the exchange rate of 1974 (2920 yen) where you can order chicken wings and a glass of wine. Today in the holiday set aside chicken comes with a cake and a bottle of champagne, and its price rose to almost $ 40 (3336 yen).

Stewed sheep head (Norway)

Initially’s been considered a food of the poor

Traditionally’s a dish of sheep’s head is eaten in Norway the poor people who could not afford to buy more expensive cuts of meat. To cook’s, sheep’s head is salted, then smoked and dried. Then it is boiled for several hours. Served with a side dish of potato puree or brokenage. Some local foodies eat even the eyes and brains removed from skull with a spoon. Wash down the dish, of course, aquavit is the traditional strong drink of the Scandinavians.

Sprat with potatoes (Sweden)

Its name to “the Temptation of Ancona” obliged Opera singer

In Sweden Christmas serving Janssons frestelse (“Janson’s Temptation”). The name of the dish owes Opera singer Adolf Janson, who was famous for his passion for food and was a real gourmet. Traditional “Temptation” is a baked with marinated anchovies potatoes. Today when cooking instead often use anchovies pilchards, sprats or small herring.

Fried caterpillars (South Africa)

Very few tourist will venture to try the South African delicacy “Mopane”

In South Africa and some other countries in southern Africa on the Christmas table there is, perhaps, the most unusual, from the point of view of Europeans, a delicacy. Fried butterfly caterpillars of pavlinovitch (the locals call them the “mopane”) here are more expensive than conventional meat. Caterpillars dried, smoked, canned for the winter and, of course, fresh roast for the holidays. Fortunately the season of gathering caterpillars will coincide with the Christmas holidays.

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