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Simple and delicious salads


Many of us are accustomed to the fact that lunch should consist of two dishes. And, as a rule, it is, of course, soup and main dish. But soup preparation is often very time consuming, which is not always so easy to find in your schedule.

Therefore, it is possible to substitute a simple and delicious salads every day, which are no less useful than soups, and often contain more vitamins and nutrients, due to the fact that the vegetables they added in their raw form without prior heat treatment.

Such salads, no doubt, could be considered a favorite of many easy to prepare, but very tasty and healthy salad consisting of boiled or slightly fried chicken, it depends on your preference and how much nutrient you want to make your dish, salad and croutons of white bread.

Sometimes it also to taste add tomatoes or paprika, but the original recipe they are not present.

This salad can be a great snack in case you are planning a nice lunch or dinner, but it may also be the only dish as it is very nourishing by itself.

It is absolutely indispensable in case you follow a diet, but still want to cook yourself something delicious. In this case you should just replace the mayonnaise in the dressing natural yogurt. You can prepare and other simple and delicious salads recipes, which you can find on our.

For example, a dish such as a salad of squid can be a real boon for any hostess who wants to quickly cook something unusual, which surprised all the guests. Squid in General are great for any salad because of their delicate meat is combined with many products.

You can choose any combination, for example, a salad with squid and mushrooms, or pineapple.

You can also prepare delicious salad of squid, shrimp and other seafood. Variations of recipes in a hurry can be a huge set. You can even just replace in the usual Olivier sausage on squid, and you’ll get a very different, more delicate salad.

So don’t be afraid to experiment. To prepare simple and delicious salads for only 10-15 minutes, this is not fiction, but a very real fact.

Most of the salads on each day preparing for it. But for every housewife salads can be a real salvation in that case, if the time for cooking is sorely lacking, and on the table you want to make a beautiful and unusual dishes.