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Salads Traditionally, the salad is a mixture of ingredients, season with any suitable dressing. Already in Ancient Rome it was customary to treat guests with mixtures of different products. Today,…

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Papaya salad with kiwi and shrimp

Papaya is very delicious and full of tropical fruit, which contains large amounts of protein and vitamins. Due to this, papaya is often used in the preparation of a variety of exotic salads.

Papaya grows in almost all tropical countries. Its birthplace is considered Central America. Foreigners often call the fruit “melon tree”, as it has a very thin and tall trunk, while withstanding a heavy load on the top. On the same tree ripen papaya to ten fruits, weight of one – two kilograms. Therefore, the tree is very unique in itself.

Inside the fresh fruit has a soft flesh with a thin skin. This skin can not eat, so it just cut off. Many who try papaya for the first time, declare that it is tasteless. But it is only at the first time used, if used, it immediately becomes clear – the delicious fruit to be found.

The taste is very unusual – soft and sweet, and may remind you of the pumpkin, carrots mixed in with the peach, but most often like a melon. Inside the fruit has many small seeds that are often used in medicine. The pulp contains papain enzyme, which is able to soften the meat and protein.

The composition of papaya include vitamins C and A. In recent times, it is marketed as a very effective tool for weight loss, it is not clear how much that is true, but it is known that the fructose in it very much. Doesn’t promote weight loss.

Papaya is an exotic fruit, which applications quite a lot. In India in ancient times, it was the best contraceptive. But the seeds of papaya are used instead of pepper, as they are very bitter.

One of the most popular salads of papaya salad with crab sticks and kiwi . for preparation will need the following ingredients: two pieces of kiwi fruit, one papaya, four leaf green salad, 150 grams of cooked shrimp, two tablespoons sour cream and dairy cream, half a teaspoon of mustard, one teaspoonful of tomato sauce or tomato paste, two tablespoons of juice from lemon, a pinch of red and black pepper, salt to taste.

Preparing this exotic salad as follows: in a container (such as a small bowl), put the cream, sour cream, tomato paste and mustard, it all a good mix until a homogeneous mass. Later in the mixture add lemon juice, pepper, salt and mix everything again.

The resulting sauce pour into a gravy boat and while put aside.

Now take peeled from the peel of the fruit of the papaya, cut it in half and remove the grain

and the flesh cut into long slices. Remove skin from kiwis and share each fruit into four equal parts.

The lettuce thoroughly wash and put into serving dish one by one. On top of the leaves must be put in a few pieces of papaya, two slices of kiwi and a little shrimp. In a few minutes before serving the salad pour prepared sauce.

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